Prox'y Mar"riage-a marriage performed between one of the two contracting parties and a proxy who has been authorized to represent the other.

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A proxy marriage is one where someone stands in for the other party. During the solemnization of the marriage, based upon a power of attorney, an agent acts on behalf of one of the parties.

Historically, marriage by proxy has been around a long time. One of the more famous proxy marriages was in 1810, when Emperor Napoleon married Archduchess Marie Louise by proxy. During the early 1900's, proxy marriages increased significantly when many Japanese picture brides arrived in Angel Island. During war time, proxy marriages were more common.

Mexico and Paraguay also deal in mail-order proxy marriages. We arrange proxy marriages in Mexico or Paraguay. The average cost is $600 USD. A complete set of Marriage services can be found by clicking here. and the forms can be found by clicking here.

Mexico has no residency requirements. Although expensive, from $500 to $800, a proxy marriage can be arranged in one day, without travel.

Because of the current restrictive marriage laws, a number of Israeli couples are getting married by proxy or "mail-in" marriage through the consulate of Paraguay in Tel Aviv. According to Israeli law, the Interior Ministry must recognize and register these marriages.

Military personnel may annul a proxy marriage provided there is no consummation, no cohabitation, or no treatment as husband and wife after the marriage ceremony.

In Canada, proxy marriage is recognized if the marriage was performed in a jurisdiction that allows proxy marriage.


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